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Dynamics of Marriage

DERBY DERBY SAYS Marriage is like FUFU preparation !

Fufu making traditionally uses two crops- CASSAVA and PLANTAIN


Marriage traditionally involves two people- MAN and WOMAN!

Two different people coming together to live as one.


The cassava comes from the GROUND


and the plantain comes from ABOVE!

Two different people with different backgrounds are to live together as one.

The cassava is always dirty but the plantain always enjoys the washing by rain water and the direct brightness of the sun. Don’t expect your spouse to be like you! Your stories are different!

The flesh of cassava is WHITE but the plantain is YELLOWISH in colour.

What you carry in your spirit will never be the same as that in your spouse. Your temper, intelligence, knowledge may be different from your spouse’. It is at the correct mixing of the cassava and plantain that fufu’s real color

What your wife has in her is ENOUGH to build a happy marriage and home! What your husband has in him is ENOUGH to build a happy marriage and home!

In fufu making in Ghana, where I come from, more cassava is used than plantain!
So it is in marriage. One must be ready to give more than the spouse! You are not of equal strengths in different aspects! But cassava doesn’t complain when much of it is being used! All it desires is a palatable fufu to be produced!

Stop thinking your spouse is cheating you! When you pay the bills, don’t feel you are being cheated! When you have the strength more than your spouse, freely bring it to bear!

In fufu making, both the cassava and the plantain go through adverse conditions just to see a wonderful food prepared.
They both are boiled and pounded with consistent pressure; yet they stay together in the mortar! 



Marriage comes with its own challenges!

No perfect marriage is yet to be produced on earth! No! Not one!
You don’t run when there is a challenge! When things turn bad, you still remain faithful!
The mountain and valley encounters will produce character and patience that will now make your marriage ‘krab3hw3’!

Be patient and Love your spouse, Be faithful no matter what, don’t disrespect your partner, neither correct them in a very harsh way, especially in public..

Make your marriages work!



Source Derby Derby

Photo Source: Cassava/; Plantain/Tacogirl

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